Tierra Chapman

Project Description


Tierra Chapman better known as “TT On The Mic”, is a one of a kind entertainer and entrepreneur. Known for her tenacious voice behind Prairie View A&M University’s own Marching Storm,  TT On The Mic used her gifts to break barriers one mic at a time. After starting her company TJC Entertainment, Tierra launched her brand  #MakeSomeNoise in efforts to not only be a voice, but to encourage others to find their own. Through her many talents and magnetic personality, Tierra served as a beacon of light for Prairie View A&M University and any event she’s attended or hosted as well.  She promotes the importance of body positivity,  self-worth and as a Spring 2017 graduate with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications, getting an education.  As the very first female solo announcer for the Marching Storm, TT On The Mic  is also passionate about women empowerment and equality within the entertainment industry and is ready to MAKE SOME NOISE! Which means make a difference.   Through her electrifying halftime performances, live broadcasts with Houston’s Majic 102.1 and other amazing platforms,  Tierra’s voice has been heard by over hundreds of thousands people all over the country. In result, TT On The Mic has assisted in the recruitment and welcoming  process for thousands of  future students at Prarie View A&M University.  TT On The Mic believes in the power of creating your own lane and thriving in it.  Furthermore,  never getting too comfortable,  remaining humble and acknowledging Christ in all that you do.