Public Relations & Marketing
Public Relations & Marketing

The Black Collegiate BPRM Conference will connect you with people and resources to support innovation in marketing and journalism. We have an expert panel of public relations and marketing professional, giving you insight and tools needed to succeed within these organizations.

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Breakdown the new age nuances in starting a blog, nurturing a blog and profiting from a blog. Our Professional bloggers have done the work to create platforms with millions of followers and clients supporting their brand and products.

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Why Attend?

  • Speakers with Industry Knowledge
  • Expert Information
  • Networking Possibilities
  • Pitch Competition
  • Top Bloggers
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Social Med Experts

Why Black Collegiate BPRM Conference Is So Awesome?

Because this is the premier gathering of highly engaged digital journalists and Marketing Professional who will shape the future of media.


  • Andrew Nguyen
  • Ashley Dunn
  • Crystal Hadnott
  • Dee 1
  • Ebony L. Noir
  • Erica Candley
  • JJ Simmons
  • Jonathan Rabb
  • La’Shawn Chambers
  • Marcus Bowers
  • Morgan
  • Outspoken Bean
  • Phill Wade
  • Shakira Brown
  • Sherifat Lawal